How To Host A Dungeon articles

 How To Host A Dungeon is a fun solitaire map-making game. During play, you'll end up drawing a cut-away illustration of a multi-layered dungeon in a fantasy world, and simulate monster immigration and successive generations of excavation. Not only is it a fun pastime in its own, but it can also be a great starting point for a region or site in a fantasy RPG campaign. Here's an index to all the HTHAD content on my blog:

Dungeon Maps and Play Reports for 2nd Edition HTHAD:

House-Rules and Custom Content for 2nd Edition HTHAD:

Custom Monsters for 1st Edition HTHAD:

Dungeon Maps and Play Reports for 1st Edition HTHAD:

Map Gallery: From various games of HTHAD on my blog. Click on any pictures to zoom in for a closer look.

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