Monday, June 8, 2015

Not bad for a single week.

In the first 7 days of June 2015, I played the following games:
  • Dark Gothic (semi-cooperative deck-building card game) x4 game sessions
  • Shadows of Brimstone (cooperative miniatures board game)
  • Pandemic: The Cure (cooperative dice game) x2 game sessions
  • War of the Worlds (home-brewed RPG scenario)
  • Ultimate Werewolf (8+ player bluffing/deduction party game) x7 game sessions
  • Shadowrun Crossfire (cooperative deck-building card game) x6 game sessions
  • Forbidden Desert (cooperative board game) x3 game sessions
  • Dead of Winter (cooperative survival-horror board game) x2 game sessions
  • Lego Avengers 1895 (home-brewed RPG scenario)
That's 27 plays total of 9 different games, with over 20 different people (ranging from as few as 2-3 in some of the games all the way up to 8-12 players per round of Ultimate Werewolf). Both RPGs were run by GMs I hadn't gamed with in four years or longer. Some of the games were pretty fast little things (Pandemic: The Cure can be pretty zippy), but there were several multi-hour games on that list (Brimstone, Dead of Winter, both RPGs). It's been a pretty great week in regards to restocking the fun after a recent gaming deficit. I actually had the opportunity to spend a little more time gaming than I did this week: I ended up cancelling an RPG session I was going to run on Wednesday because a player had a rough day at work and needed to call the night early. On top of all that, I spent 4 hours at an art museum this week, and took multiple long walks that added up to at least 10 miles.

I needed it, though. The past few weeks have been really stressful and exhausting (more about that some other time, perhaps). I really appreciated the chance to kick back and game my brains out for a few days.