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I have recently returned to the worlds of Amber Diceless Roleplay after nearly a decade long absence.  Over the years, I've run 6 different Amber campaigns, and about that many one-shot Throne Wars, and one spin-off Everway game that took place after the Pattern got re-written in the Amber campaign ahead of it.

My Current Campaign

Campaign Logs and thoughts on returning to Amber:

Older Articles: Long ago, I had an extensive Amber-themed website, but that was back in the days of GeoCities, and only scraps of it can be found on the WayBack Machine these days. Most of this was lost, like tears in a Shadow Storm, but I saved a few things, below, and have woven into the list a few newer topics and columns as well.

House Rules
  • Amber character creation is wonderfully painless, but I recommend one tiny tweak that makes it even better.
  • Scientific Laws In Amber - What Corwin's novels tell us about how reality works in and near Amber proper
  • Alternatives to Merlin's Chaos. Why I don't think the Courts of Chaos as seen in Merlin's books fit at all in Corwin's books.
  • Entropy Mastery a new power, for use with a Logrus-less Chaos that better matches Corwin's tale
  • So you want to be a Lord of the Living Void - Hand out for players about Chaos and Entropy.
  • Dynamic Form an alternate Shapeshifting power. Much trimmed back from the default rules to better emulate Corwin's novels.
  • Chaotic Shapeshifting vs Orderly Shapeshifting - a proposal to with different versions of shapeshifting for each end of the universe
  • Lamarckian Shapeshifting What I could remember of another alternate shape-shifting system I used in a campaign from 20 years ago
  • Mentalism power, to ensure that Psyche truly is the most important Attribute
  • Revised Shadow World rules for Character Creation (and mid-campaign purchases) designed to fix a few things that are broken in the main rules
  • My old new combat system. Back in the day I made a slightly more codified system for handling Amber combat. It was something pretty close to at least one of these two old archive versions. I don't think either of these were my final draft of the system from back in the GeoCities days or not. I went a few years without Amber in my life once before, and during that time my laptop died and GeoCities shut down. I was left without access to the system I'd fine-tuned before the gap, and I don't think either of these archived versions are exactly it.

Parallel Shadows
  • Ideas for combining Amber with other games.
  • Firefly RPG using Amber mechanics
  • The Warriors one-shot idea using Amber (and a lot of other game systems) to riff off the 1970s movie.
  • I've done enough with Everway & Amber mixed together that it needs it's own heading:
Amber in Everway

Alternate Ambers
  • Ultimate Amber Conspiracies Theories about Random and Caine
  • More Amber Conspiracy Theories - Theories about the Unicorn, Fiona and/or Brand's favorite rug
  • Twists and Turns that made old settings fresh and new (not just Amber)
  • My House-Rules section, above, has a lot of Alternate takes on Chaos, mostly intended to make the Courts fit better with Corwin's descriptions in the first series. I tend to be a first-series purist. Entropy Mastery instead of Logrus, and various restrictions on Shape-Shifting to better match what the black road throws at Corwin.

Older Campaign Logs and Random Thoughts
Logs from my current 2020-2021 Campaign are linked at the top of the page.

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