Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Expanded Repartee: Acquaint

Expanded Repartee & Reputation Action Rules, Page 5:

Acquaint: This is the method used to introduce yourself to an NPC, or to leave a favorable impression in the mind of an NPC you just met.

Roll Panache + Socializing or Wits + Jester, contested by the other persons Resolve + Gossip.
Your target number is equal to 5 + 5 x their Gossip (+5 to TN if you used Wits + Jester)

Their Gossip is used to represent whatever bad they may have heard of you before this meeting.
If this is your first meeting, add your Reputation Rank to your Roll (subtract your Reputation Rank from your Roll if you are a scoundrel unless they are also a Scoundrel or Villain).

If you are successful, they become a new Connection with CUPS/Like:1, STAVES/Useful:0, COINS/Useful:0 and SWORDS/Dislike:0

Failed rolls: Should you fail the die roll, they instead get Like:0, Useful:0 and Dislike:1

Introductions: If a mutual friend (or Acquaintance) introduces you, it has several effects:
First, you gain a Free Raise.
Secondly, on top of the Free Raise, you add to your roll either the mutual friends CUPS/Like or STAVES/Useful rating towards you.
Thirdly, the new contact adds the mutual friends SWORDS/Dislike (of you) to their roll.
Lastly, success grants you L, U and D ratings with the new person equal to 1/2 those of the mutual friend’s ratings, rounded up. If using the Vodacce system, the same applies to all four suits.

Raises: Each additional Raise on the roll grants +1 extra point of CUPS/Like or STAVES/Useful, as you wish.

Alternate Rolls: You may roll Wits + any Knack you and the other person have instead of Panache+Socializing or Wits+Jester. This represents you trying to find a common interest to talk about. If you do this, they get a Free Raise on their roll.
If you pick a Knack they don’t have (but it is in a skill they have), they get 2 Free Raises on their roll.
If you pick a Knack not even occurring in any of their skills, You FAIL automatically.

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