Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Alternate / Return Trip

Quoted below is an alternate early draft of the Travel Itinerary from the Continuum campaign. I believe this version was brainstormed the day I decided to introduce Izzy - that would be before the "Banana up my Ass" joke. In the very early stages, I'd also considered playing out the return trip from Atlantis with higher-span PCs. As it turned out, this was not to be, but it could make a fun sequel should I ever convince Jeremy and/or Liam to move to Seattle.
2006 - 6/3/06 - early Aquarian
1643 ad - September 8th, noon - France - Piscean - Foxhorn - Tour La Jetee
751 ad - Sept 8th, noon - France. - Piscean - Mentor Corner - Tragedians duVersielles
249 bc - May 12th, 8am - Rome - Ariesian - Antiquarian Corner - Host named Tiberius.
1248 bc - May 12th, noon - Illium on the Cam - Midwife Corner - Ariesian - Paris & Hellene
2244 bc - May 12th, noon - Norwegian Mountains - Tauran - Engineer Corner - Spanner Hotel.
3241 bc - March 19th, noon - Kish, Sumeria - Dreamer Corner - Tauran -
4238 bc - March 20th, noon - Pacific Northwest - Geminid -
5236 bc - March 20th, noon - Baltic - Geminid -
6231 bc - Cancerean - Incredibly large wooden structures pointed at the sun.
5582 bc - Geminid. Looking out over the cold majestic sea. A huge city floats upon the water - on an island too shiny to be natural. Behold, Atlantis. It begins to glow brighter, with fireworks and a laser-light show above it. It’s as if a giant bubble of air surrounding the city, suddenly transmuted from oxygen into light. No doubt this can be seen for hundreds of miles. And then the city is gone. The displacement of water is so severe, the ocean crashes into the space the city once held.
5582 bc - one day earlier. You’re in Atlantis. It’s a strange blend of cultures, languages and technologies. Most people are leaving rather than riding the city to 12969. To save several days and much energy, Izzie decides you will ride the city - it’s also safer this way.
12969 bc - the first atlantean council. See page 207 of the rulebook.
11970 bc -
10977 bc
9980 bc
8991 bc
7995 bc
6998 bc
6000 bc
5002 bc
4015 bc
3026 bc
2224 bc
1248 bc
249 bc
751 ad
1643 ad
2006 ad
Even at the early stages, it was clear I'd be unlikely to actually fit in the return voyage. As a result, the years chosen were fairly arbitrary.

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