Thursday, August 14, 2008

22 more Orky Careers (Updated)

Months ago, I did a bunch of ground work for "Orky Heresy", an Orky companion piece for the Dark Heresy RPG. I put the first few Orky Careers up on this blog at that time. I intended then to keep working on it, and put more stuff up over time, but I never got around to it. I got caught up on other projects, and I decided that in general the rules of Dark Heresy and the Warhammer Fantasy RPG were more fiddly and complicated than I like to game under.

However, I'm running a streamlined, cut-down version of the system for GwenCon. Since I'm going to be doing work about it in the next couple weeks, I might as well stick the preliminary work up here. With that in mind, I posted 22 more orky careers yesterday, bringing the total up to 32. To use them, you need to read the older posts:
The careers posted today are intended as Advanced Careers. You can't start with them, but you can develop into them as you spend XP. I don't have time to index them at the moment, but I may do so tomorrow.

Roll up a starting career via a d10 on this chart:
  1. Bad Moons Clanboy
  2. Blood Axe Clanboy
  3. Deathskullz Clanboy
  4. Evil Sunz Clanboy
  5. Goff Clanboy
  6. Snakebitez Clanboy
  7. Yoof
  8. Freebooter
  9. Stormboy
  10. Wild Ork

Here's an index of links to all the careers hosted on this blog:
This statement should be obvious, but I'll mention it anyway: Dark Heresy, Warhammer 40k, and Warhammer Fantasy Roleplaying and several of those career names are the copyrighted terms of Games Workshop. It is all used without permission. In order to make use of the Orky materials presented here, you'd pretty much need to have access to Dark Heresy and the WHFRP main books. I drew upon both of those books for the mechanical framework, and upon those books plus a variety of sources from 3 different editions of the Warhammer 40k tabletop miniatures game for the setting information. The orks presented here are clearly based upon the intellectual property of Games Workshop, and no challenge is intended to their copyrights.

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