Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Scion Update

Realized I haven't done an update on the Scion campaign in quite a while. The PCs defeated the evil fallen Scion of Poseidon, and saved America from Fascism on live national TV. This culminated in thermonuclear apotheosis.

The next session will be largely spent upgrading the PCs via the God Template - they will be Legend 11 (lesser) Gods. I imagine (hope) the campaign will feel drastically different with the PCs swinging that kind of power. Some house-rules I'll be implementing at that level:

  • Changing Bavatar (the form of "Avatar" that is a Birthright) to make each level give you another body you can manifest as. The legend of each is set upon purchasing them, as is their physical appearance. Each Avatar will have it's own fatebindings, reputation, etc. The overall number of dots of Avatar determines how low a Legend any of them can have. You can only manifest as one Avatar at a time (unless you have Army of One or CoLocation). I'm giving each PC one free dot of the Avatar birthright.
  • Altering the Fatebinding rules. I never got in the habit of rolling for them, since it's almost impossible to become fatebound prior to Demigod Upgrade, and virtually guaranteed to happen every time you spend a Legend point post-upgrade. As a result, I don't have hard-and-fast lists of fatebound mortals. So, I'm making a list for each Avatar of the things that are believed about (and/or expected from) them. Bonus from reverence will be +/-1 (success, not die) per mortal witness, up to maximum of Legend.
  • Making sure all the PCs have some way to travel from World to Under/Over-World. May add a couple of new alternate boons to fulfill that.
  • XP cap on high-level things. I want the PCs to keep advancing as the game grows, but 5xp per session and costs of 30-40 xp per power won't allow that. So, once the cost of something hits 15 or more xp, it will only go up by one point more per level thereafter. If your 4th dot of Epic Wits cost you 15xp, the 5th dot will cost only 16xp (not 20) and the Ultimate will cost 22xp, not 50. Likewise with Boons - they'll cost 4, 8, 12, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, or 23 xp, not up to 40. Some may feel this encourages players to buy the highest boons only - but honestly, levels 6-10 of many boons are interchangable anyway with pretty arbitrary decisions as to why which occurs later.

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