Thursday, August 14, 2008

Snotherd (Orky Career)

– Snotherd –
Restriction: Orky
Description: You make your living raising, training, selling, buying, harvesting and tending to snotlings. Snotlings are like tiny little braindead orks. It takes a good attention to detail and a variety of interpersonal skills to keep them from getting lost or killed.

Skills: Charm, Command, Intimidate, Scrutiny, Inquiry, Common Lore (Runtz), Trade (Snotherd), Barter or Evaluate

Talents: Keen Senses (any), Profeshunal,

Trappings: Gretchin Assistant, 5d10+2 Snotlings, Grabbastick, Bullhorn, large sack, 2d10 ‘shrooms or 1d6 eatin’ squigs, 5d10 teef,

Career Exits: Runtmaster, Shokkgunner, , Others


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