Tuesday, August 5, 2008

my childish "Ha-ha, I told you so!"

A couple weeks ago, the latest Scion PDF released. I immediately saw some problems with it, and posted here a list of house-rules I planned to implement. Then I discussed them with my play group, who agreed on nearly everything, so I posted the majority of my thoughts on the topic to the Scion forum. To put it politely, this provoked a spirited discussion - one in which it was suggested that I was too quick to judge and was only house-ruling because I (allegedly) want Scion to fail. (Which is completely false - instead I want Scion to succeed enough that a revised 2nd Edition is justified.) I've been burned by Scion's need for mid-game house-rules, and wished to nip it in the bud this time by proactively ruling on things before they came up in a session. For this, I was treated very poorly.

I now find it funny that so many others have since created threads to discuss the same problems I had identified amongst the new powers. I feel vindicated. It would seem I wasn't being paranoid about flaws in the text. I just have an acutely honed sense of what makes mechanics break down, and a solid grasp of game balance. (I think that's why I was a good Magic judge, and why I enjoy playing combo decks.) Anyhow, I found it very difficult today to not pop on to 3 different threads and say "see, I told you so!" If it's alright with you, I'll keep my smug self-congratulatory backpatting contained to this blog post.

For those of you (presumably everyone who reads this blog with any regularity) who didn't tell me my house-rules were a knee-jerk over-reaction stemming from what you interpret to be a bitter hatred of White Wolf, I apologize. You shouldn't have to sit through me saying "I told you so" again and again. Please excuse the following outburst:

"See, I told them so!" Thank you.

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