Thursday, August 14, 2008

Slaver (Orky Career)

– Slaver –
Restriction: Orky
Description: Either you work for an important Runtherd, or you’re planning on getting into the runtherd business yourself. The first step is learning how to round up runts and slaves. Typically, slaverz capture and chase squigs, snotlings and grots. Sometimes, however, they branch out into boars, or even umans. A good slaver is strong, quick, and frightening.

Skills: Common Lore (Runts) or Common Lore (Squigs), Acrobatics, Tracking or Shadowing, Trade (Slaving), Intimidate

Talents: Sprint or Berserk Charge, Lightning Reflexes or Frightening, Takedown

Trappings: Spear or staff, club, backpack, sack, 2d6 meters of rope, 1d6 squigs or 1d6 snotlings, 3d6 teef

Career Exits: Runtherd, PigDok, Others


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