Friday, March 28, 2008

Orky Heresy

This (and the next several posts) is character creation stuff for use with an Ork RPG. Thematically, it’s based a bit off GorkaMorka, and a good deal more off Orks in 2nd Ed WH40k. Mechanically, it’s based off of WHFRP and Dark Heresy.

The idea is for a light-hearted Orky alternative to Dark Heresy. It uses the career system from Warhammer Fantasy Role Play as opposed to the class system from Dark Heresy for four reasons:
  1. I like that system a bit better. It’s familiar - and has been interesting to me from childhood. I’m more familiar with it, which is a plus.
  2. It doesn’t pigeonhole characters for the duration of their existence. You can change what you are at any time. This matches chaotic orky society better.
  3. Being segmented/compartmentalized, I could start play sooner with such a system. I wouldn’t have to carefully build out every class to it’s maximum level, instead I can just start in with a bunch of basic careers, and fill in other stuff as needed.
  4. There is no upper limit to the character progression. Orks can just keep gettin’ tougher. New Advanced Careers can be slotted in, and characters can spend 200 xp to grab some totally weird career from the bottom of the tree and grow in a different direction.
The system here isn't done. It's cobbled together, but will function for at least the first 10 sessions of a campaign, probably 20, which is enough to get things going.

All mechanics are per Dark Heresy, except for:
...which I'll detail in another post or three.

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