Thursday, August 14, 2008

Oddboy (Orky Career)

– Oddboy –
Restriction: Orky
Description: There’s something different about you, but nobody’s quite figured exactly what it is yet. You may actually have some talent or insight that normal Orks lack. That, or you could just be a mutant.

Skills: Blather or Inquiry, Scrutiny or Evaluate, Awareness or Tech Use

Talents: Talented (Any one Agility, Intelligence, Willpower or Perception-based skill), Disturbing Voice or Meditation,

Trappings: 1d6 eatin’ squigs, tool or spyglass or toolsquig, knife, 1d10 teef

Career Exits: You may choose any one of the following. Note that the others do NOT become part of your path, and you must come back to Outcast to revisit a different path.
Mutant, Madboy, Weirdboy, Spanner, Yeller, Syringeboy, SlopKeep, Digger, Flyboy, Slaver, PigDok, , Others


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