Friday, March 28, 2008

Blood Axe Clanboy (Orky Career)

– Blood Axe Clanboy –
Restriction: Orky
Description: Blood Axes have a reputation for being untrustworthy and a bit cowardly. They are even known to trade with humans, train like humans, wear camoflauge, and do other unorky things.

Skills: Common Lore (Blood Axe Clan), Barter or Evaluate, Climb or Swim or Survival, Carouse, Charm or Decieve, Dodge or Scrutiny, Silent Move or Speak Language (Low Gothic)

Talents: Pistol Training (Las), Melee Weapon Training (Prim), Basic Weapon Training (Las), Sprint or Disturbing Voice

Trappings: Axe or Laspistol, Lasgun or Laspistol, Flak Helmet, Flak Vest, Backplate with Blood Axe symbol, camoflauged poncho, hairsquig or squigpet or 1d6 eatin’ squigs, 1d6 teef, 2d10 Imperial Throne Gelt, Imperial Charm, Backpack

Career Exits: Cowardly Git, Smartboy, Drillboss, BigMobBoy, Outcast, UmanBoy , Others


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