Thursday, August 14, 2008

Big Boss (Orky Career)

– Big Boss –
Restriction: Orky
Description: Most Orky Bosses are content to just be their own boss, and carve out a tiny little empire the size of a single village. A few, however, have ambition, and keep looking to bigger and better things. You’re the latter type of boss, with multiple villages or roaming packs that pay you tribute.

Skills: Command, Charm, Inquiry, Scrutiny, Intimidate

Talents: Basic Weapon Training (Any) or Melee Weapon Training (Any) or Pistol Training (Any), Swift Attack, Strong Minded or Hard Target, Gunslinger or Datz My Boy!, Peer

Trappings: Gretchin Assistant, Gretchin Standard Bearer, Carapace Helm, 1d10 eatin’ squigs, 1d6 ‘shrooms, 10d10 teef

Career Exits: Warboss , Others


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