Thursday, August 14, 2008

Snakehandler (Orky Career)

– Snakehandler –
Restriction: Orky
Description: Snakebitez take their name from a ritual they send the clan Yoofs through. This right of passage involves being bitten by some nasty snakes. Somebody’s gotta keep the snakes from getting away, (or find new ones when the old ones do get away) don’t they? That’s your job.

Skills: Awareness, Search, Common Lore (Snakes), Intimidate, Dodge or Acrobatics, Interrogation or Invocation

Talents: Resistance (Poison), Fearless or Step Aside,

Trappings: 1d6 mildly venomous snakes, 1 deadly venomous snake, heavy sack, club, Flak Gauntlets, Carapace Greaves, 2d6 ‘shrooms, 1d10 teef

Career Exits: Yeller, Madboy , Others


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