Thursday, August 14, 2008

Waaghlord (Orky Career)

– Waaghlord –
Restriction: Orky
Description: Your call to waaagh is heard by Orks on other planets. Such is your orky charisma, that system-spanning empires form and fall at your command.

Skills: Command, Charm, Intimidate, Decieve, Blather, Psyniscience, Invocation, Performer (Storyteller)

Talents: Basic Weapon Training (Any) or Melee Weapon Training (Any) or Heavy Weapon Training (Any), Good Reputation, Lightning Attack, Hatred (Any), Combat Master, Mental Fortress, Litany of Hate, Master Orator, Minor Psychic Power

Trappings: 1d6+1 Gretchin Assistants, 2 Minderz, PowerSword or Meltagun or Inferno Pistol or Heavy Bolter, Light Power Armor or Kustom Forcefield, Squigpet, 2d10 eatin’ squigs, 10d10+20 teef

Career Exits: , Others


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