Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Play Dirty

I've been a big fan of John Wick for several years.
  • He designed much of the 7th Sea RPG, which is my all-time favorite RPG setting. I'm not enamored with every portion of the 7th Sea system / rules, but there are bits of them that rock.
  • He also designed Orkworld, which I've never played, but am more or less in love with anyway. I've just never found a group that was as excited about Orkworld as I am.
  • He currently designs quirkier / indie games, some of which the Emerald City Game Feasters would call "hippy games". (This wouldn't deter me or the other Game Feasters, by the way. The first game I played with them was a hippy game - Wushu.)
I just learned yesterday that he has a YouTube channel, where he hosts videos about GMing. Nearly all of them are very enlightening, and some are kinda fun, too. It was neat hearing him confirm things I've believed / felt for years. It's kinda neat to know that someone whose work I admire has come to similar conclusions.

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