Friday, March 28, 2008

Bad Moons Clanboy (Orky Career)

– Bad Moons Clanboy –
Restriction: Orky
Description: Bad Moons teef grow faster than any other clans, so they tend to have the best stuff and most wealth. Just watch out for those who might bash you on the head and take your teef. Bad Moons are the closest thing to a merchant class amongst Orks, but they also have a reptutation for being ostentatious and a bit excentric.

Skills: Common Lore (Bad Moons Clan), Barter, Climb or Swim, Carouse, Intimidate, Dodge, Evaluate

Talents: Pistol Training (SP), Basic Weapon Training (Prim), Melee Weapon Training (Prim), Quick Draw or Light Sleeper,

Trappings: Axe or AutoPistol, Autogun or Pump-Action Shotgun, hairsquig or 1d6 eatin’ squigs, squigpet or 1d10 eatin’ squigs, brightly colored Flak Jacket, backplate with yellow and black moon symbol, 2d6 teef

Career Exits: Loota, SlopKeep, Shootyboy, Weirdboy, BigMobBoy, Outcast , Others


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