Thursday, July 3, 2008

My submissions to GwenCon

I just emailed Andy Collins the events I'd like to run for GwenCon:

The first is an RPG:
Lost Waaaagh!
system based on Dark Heresy / Warhammer FRP
6 Players
4 hours
No knowledge required
A small band of Orks miraculously survive when their space "plane" crashes on a mysterious planet. Now they must fend off smoke-tyranids, flashback sequences, and even "Da Uvvers". Familiarity with ABC's Lost and GW's WH40K wouldn't hurt, but is not required.
As you can see, it's not at all related to the various games I'd discussed here before for possible GwenCon games. Many of them had been based on Scion, and I've decided I hate the Scion mechanics. No doubt I'll probably find the Dark Heresy mechanics intolerable as well, but for a one-shot, I should be able to distill them down into a rules-light version.

The second event is a card game I'd "moderate":
Blank White Cards
6 Players
2 hours
No knowledge required
It's kinda like a CCG, except you create the cards during the game. Each card needs a name, a quick (and awful) illustration, and then either a point value or explanation of what it does. Pens, colored pencils, and blank cards will be provided. Bring your own imagination. Winning is NOT the goal.
I plan to run BWC twice, back to back, since it's the sort of game people can leave (or dive into) mid-game without a real problem. That way no one's forced to commit to 4 hours if they only want to do 2, and we might get some fresh meat between rounds.

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