Wednesday, April 9, 2014

New Chapter Quests for Myth

In the game Myth, most of the Realm Tiles you explore need a Quest card of some sort. There's a bunch of them in the main boxed set, but if you play frequently, you'll quickly have to start repeating them. To head that off at the pass, I've made a few of my own.

Here's five new stand-alone Chapter Quests.  On average, they're a little less complex and involved than the ones in the main game. That's intentional, I wanted them to be good quick-inserts that could happen in the middle of an Act or Story Quest without disrupting the flow too much or raising a lot of questions.

Consider these first few a proof of concept run. Or at least a work in progress. I know they're kinda ugly.
The colors are taken from a photo of a card out of the main game, but they turned out a bit dark and murky.
They'll do for now, but they really drain your ink supply if printed in quantity, and may be hard to read in poor lighting.

I actively avoided using icons from the game itself. There's a stack of lame rationales behind that decision: My camera sucks and the icons are tiny, I don't have a scanner, my copies of photoshop and quark no longer run on my current OS so I had to use clunkier programs, etc, but mainly I was lazy and uncertain if I was going to make more than 2 or 3 of these so it wasn't worth the effort to make them any better.

I could probably claim it's also because the icons on cards in the game seem to be a small part of the confusion regarding the game. So I figured I'd just spell everything out in English whenever possible. Technically that's true, but in all honesty, the lame reasons were foremost in my mind.

After making about 20 cards, I decided that I really was going to print at least some of these eventually. That meant I needed to increase the contrast and cut down on the ink consumption. I really reduced the amount of color, and they're a lot easier to read for it.

This gave me an opportunity to tweak the layout a bit while I was at it. Honestly, I'm not convinced that the official cards are organized in the best way. I feel the originals jump around too much.  I moved the success / failure results down into the exit flavor text, and I think it makes them much easier to comprehend.

I'll probably post the rest of the cards over the next few days, alternating with my "MvGDvSoB" threads. Most of the cards will be the earlier, uglier, format. I may eventually recreate them in the nicer version, but probably not until after I've had a chance to playtest them and make any obvious corrections they need.

Feedback is always appreciated, and that goes double if your constructive criticism is about the mechanics or gameplay rather than the crummy layout that I'm obviously displeased with.

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