Saturday, April 26, 2014

Myth Story Quests rendered into Chapter Quests: No Rest For The Weary

Continuing on from my previous posts, here's a conversion of Myth's Story Quest #1: "No Rest For The Weary" into a Chapter Quest Chain.

Again, as with the previous posts, the following House Rules are recommended when trying to use these cards:
House Rule #1:  At the end of every third session, the players receive a Deck Manipulation reward.  When this happens, items are reset to their starting (brown) equipment for each character, but you can save 1 item + 1 per earned Title. Serendipity and gold are reset to zero at this time as well.

Addendum to House Rule #1: If the Heroes ended the third session while still in the middle of a Quest Chain, they may choose to delay the Deck Manipulation and item reset until the end of the session in which they complete that chain. Further Deck Manipulation rewards do NOT accumulate while you are delaying one.

House Rule #2: When you complete a chain Quest that directs you to add a new chain to the Quest Deck, you may choose to either place that card on top of the deck, or to shuffle it into the deck. If the last Quest of a session tells you to add a new chain to the Quest deck, you may make the decision at the start of the next session.

With those in play, you can incorporate the cards below into Myth's "Free-Questing" mode.

Throughout this chain (and some of my other Quests) I list Resolution instructions and flavor text for failure even if there's no explicit Failure condition. I feel a TPK (Total Party Kill, meaning all the Heroes died) certainly equates to failure, though in that circumstance you might not feel inclined to read the text and follow it's instructions. Since these cards are meant for Free-Questing, it's not impossible that the players might decide to abandon a quest. (After all, the whole point of playing Myth in Free-Questing mode is to have creative freedom for the session, and have better control of factors like Tile set up and session duration than a Story might give you.) There's no clear rule for handling that, but it's certainly in the spirit of Free-Questing, so I've included likely consequences on the cards for Heroes that run away very unheroically. Since the proprietor of The Silent Minstrel is a serial killer, I've put some very "Saw-like" components into those failure blocks.

The Story in the rulebook had an extra 12x12 tile with no special rules before you got to the 6x12. I've skipped that here, making the Act a little shorter (unless you compensate by putting a trap-filled Tile in between the quest Tiles) but keeping it every bit as dangerous since your equipment situation will likely be that much worse when you arrive at the double-tile that was the end of the Act in the original version.

I should have explicitly put the quest goals on this card. I've been assuming that the default of goal of any quest is to Clear the Tile unless something else is specifically mentioned, and failure happens if the tactical situation forces you to abandon the Tile without clearing it.

If the players abandon the Quest and flee off the double-sized Tile, they can escape past some Trap and then exit. Doing so here breaks the chain progression.

The Story in the rulebook includes a cryptic statement of "The Mini-Boss doesn't appear until Wave 5 is cleared." That's the only mention of a mini-boss being part of the Act. Weird, huh?

I decided to keep it, but broke that off into its' own Chapter Quest that follows this one. If 5 waves of slaughterfield eats up all the time you had to play, you can save the mini-boss fight till the next session.

It was a little tempting to move the miniboss all the way to the end and have it be the Innkeeper, but that would have really changed the power-level of the final battle which already has several strange rules and didn't need the further complication.

The events of this Quest are a hybrid combining the Miniboss from the second Act of the Story, with some of the special rules of the final Tile of the third Act.

Gathering kindling is mentioned in the Story, but not really explained or defined. Here it's a bonus Treasure, and also sets up a benefit for the final Quest.

The original Story mentions "the Heroes must gather the wood and fire to light the fire" and puts some tokens on the map but fails to explain how that works.

I added a non-combat action with a die roll to make it just a little harder. The Title you get as a reward for success is a big deal, so I felt it needed an extra hurdle.

I came "this close" to adding a mini-boss or captain to this card to represent the innkeeper. It would have really complicated the fight, but killing that jerk would have felt cathartic.

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