Monday, April 28, 2014

Mad Hermit Remixed

Progression of an idea:
  • Mercs/MegaCon Games made some Story Quests for Myth, including "The Mad King" all about this guy The Hermit King.
  • I converted the quest into Chapter Quest format to allow more flexibility.
  • Justin N over at Board Game Geek had the awesome idea of changing the flavor text on Myth's various quest cards to better reflect the "adventurer's telling a story in a bar" element of the game's setting. Link to his text.
  • Tom Howard at Board Game Geek made a lovely full-bleed photoshop layout that more faithfully recreates the original Mercs card frames. Link.
  • Then Tom ported over my version of the quest cards into his new format, and converted the flavor text to match Justin N's "bar boast" version. It was way cool of him to do so, and the results are awesome:

The end product:

Pretty nice, huh? I'm really pleased with the results.

It was admittedly a tiny bit shocking visiting BGG and discovering that something I planned to do this very afternoon had already been done, but the final version looks sweet and he saved me a lot of work swapping to the "tavern story" versions of the flavor text. That's certainly worth the tiny bit of Geek Gold that I'm missing out on for someone else posting them (and it's not like I'd gotten around to it yet).  These are _vastly_ superior to my rough drafts. Thank you, Tom!

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