Monday, December 3, 2007

Syncretic Gaming

The Scion RPG, with it's sexapantheonic foundation (Greek, Norse, Voodoo, Japanese, Egyptian, Aztec) and tertiary embracing of urban legend and modern society as well as other myths and pantheons, is a robust example of Syncretism. That's my word for the day.

While the word is new to me, the concept isn't. I've often explored such a philosophy in my gaming, blending genres and picking tools from settings and systems (and movies) I enjoyed.

In short, I like to mix my metaphors.

For example, I once resolved an Amber DRPG campaign with climactic build to an apocalyptic endgame that drew equally from Jesus Christ Superstar and Aliens. (And Zelazny's Amber, of course)

And then there's the hatbox, which deserves it's own post some other time.

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