Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Short bus spanners in Rome

Further notes from the old Continuum campaign's second phase...

-249 (BC) - May 12th at 8:00 in the morning Ariesian - Rome. Corner: Aedes Saluto. Roman Villa
Playlist: 7th Sea Vodacce

When you arrive: The scent of burnt bread is in the air. You are in a large common room of a spacious Roman villa. Everything is tiled and frescoed, including false windows that are painted to give the impression of opening into an orchard.

The room has several large pieces of furniture - daybeds or couches, perhaps, like futons in bed mode. The are organized in two groups, one arranged around an enormous coffee table, the others arranged around a sort of sandbox set into the floor. Both groupings surround their central feature on 3 sides only, leaving the fourth side open to the center of the room.

A large jovial looking man in a Toga steps into the entrance of the room, his arms spread out as if to hug you all. “Isabella!” he shouts. She scowls. He and Izzie move towards the couches near the sandbox.

Carved sticks just over a meter in length lie on the couches. Each grab one. Izzie draws a curve in the sand. The man completes it.

Each person gets thier own room here, adjoining
the spanner parlor. The villa also has a courtyard,
dining hall, assorted private rooms, a stable, etc.

Romans are much more cleanly than dark ages. The city is stinky, but you can’t be. The burnt bread was a form of scent-elimination, much less expensive than incense and scented oils.

Silver Denarius is the common coin. Medicine comes from Greece, and a little from India. First punic war is going on, Romans against Carthaginians. The first Roman prison, Tullianum, was erected this spring. Travel will be on foot or by litter, as wheeled vehicles are outlawed during daylight.

Fun things to do in Rome:
  1. The baths - Seperated by Gender. Women in morning, men in afternoon. Tiberius’s slaves watch belongings in changing room. In order: Sudatorium (Sauna). Caldarium (hot pool in domed room, use oil and stigil). Massage room. Tepidarium (vaulted hall, gently warmed pool). Frigidarium (unheated, open-air swimming pool). Games & Athletics room available.
  2. Banquet - Hosted by Tiberius. Eat on sofas - 3/sofa, 9/table. Knives, Spoons, & Fingers (no forks) Acrobats and musicians perform while you eat. 5 courses, In order: Veggies/Eggs/Cheese/Seafood, Honey Wine, Seafood and hot rolls, Roasts/Veggies/Beans/LiquamenSauce (Izzie recommends you skip the Liquamen), HoneyCakes/Fruits/Nuts.
  3. Games - Ball games, dice games, board games. Harpastum is a game with a sand-filled ball that involves a lot of shoving. For mechanics and skill improves, see next page.
  4. Baths again - it would be customary the next morning after all that rough-housing.
  5. Gladiatorial Games - This is the 14th year of the games at the Amphitheatre that will one day be known as The Colosseum. Procession, pantomime, conjurers, circus animals, then fighting. Women sit in the third tier behind a wall that separates them from men.
  6. Another banquet. 7 courses. And there’s food too gross to say in front of Amy.
Before you leave: Tiberius takes your togas. Gives you brightly colored richly embroidered clothing, which puzzles him. Says it was left for you by the Engineers, but he’s been to Turkey, and this is not the proper attire.

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