Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Did I say Cleopatra?

Cleopatra jumps out the window and grabs the nearby crane, spending a Legendary Deed to do so. (Thereby finally telling the PCs that even if she isn't the real Cleopatra, she's at least special and probably supernatural.)
Wait, Cleopatra? Okay, more back story, and another Dirty GM Trick. I'll have to go add to the Seattle NPCs on the wiki...

Several sessions back, the PCs were beneath The Market, doing recon on Caponeson's operations. They see a Slave Auction and head over to bust it up. But the auctioneer's eyes light up when he sees Omar, Scion of Horus:
"Glad you're here. We stayed open late as a favor to your father. Here's your wife. Don't worry, she's all paid for. So are her two handmaids."

Cleopetra, possibly the real deal. Certainly from ancient Egypt, and she has a couple points of Legend. In fact, the jumping for her life with a handmaid in her arm implies a Knack or Epic trait or two. She's got an attitude, and expects the world to adore her. She's a walking anachronism, unclear how she got transported to here and now. Currently refers to Omar as "My Pharoah-To-Be." Has fallen in love with the internet, and with Omar's credit cards. Enrolling in business school since the PCs say that's where the power is in today's world.

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