Tuesday, December 11, 2007

The Nemean Bat Itself

I posted a scenario to the Scion Wiki today (12/11/07), but am including the components here to preserve them from the editing hazards of the Wiki format.

The Nemean Bat Itself
This beast can usually be found hanging above the touchstone in the Bottomless pit during the day. At night it prowls the desert. It wakes a few hours after sunset (long enough that tourists and rangers have generally left the area) hunts cattle for an hour or two and then returns. In the winter it migrates away - but it's unknown if it heads south to deep Central American jungles and a Camazotz master, or down to the Underworld instead.
Included are the stats I used for the Nemean Bat in my game. They are derived from the Nemean entry in Scion: Hero. For the bat base (to apply the Nemean template too), I crossed the stats for a raptor and a rat - it worked well enough. You may want to adjust the stats based on your PCs and your campaign's needs.
To make it much tougher, replace it with a Camazotz from Scion: Demigod and/or supplement it's numbers with allied Chupacabra from the Scion Wiki.

Nemean Bat Stats
Attributes: Strength:4 + Epic Strength:2 Dexterity:4 + Epic Dexterity:1 Stamina:5 + Epic Stamina:1 Charisma:0 Manipulation:0 Appearance:1 Perception:3 + Epic Perception:1 Intelligence: 2 Wits: 3
Abilities: Athletics:2 Awareness:3 Brawl:2 Fortitude:1 Integrity:2 Investigation:3 Presence:1 Stealth:3 Survival:4 Thrown(Dropped):1
Willpower:6 DarkVirtue:Zealotry:4 DarkVirtue:Ambition:2
Dodge DV:6 (plus can be boosted with Untouchable Opponent) Soak: Aggravated:5, Lethal:12, Bashing:14 0 0 0 0 0 0 -1 -1 -3 -3 Inc
Weapons: It's many sharp teeth add +2 Lethal to it's attacks, and ignore Nemean Hide armor.
Crushing grip also empowers it's crushes to do lethal damage. Legend:3 Legend Points:9
Knacks: Uplifting Might (It has a 2,700 lbs lifting capacity), Crushing Grip, Untouchable Opponent, Inner Furnace, Predatory Focus

Assisting Low-Legend PCs
Here's a few ideas assist low-legend PCs in battling the Nemean Bat, since it's Nemeans tend to be hard to injure.
Intelligence + Science: Biology could be used to learn vulnerable spots on a bat, giving bonus damage dice to get through that Nemean soak.
Perception + Survival or Science: Geology could be used to scout out narrow cavern sections where the Nemean bat can't maneuver. Successes on such a roll could be applied as penalties to the bats actions or DV if fighting it from or within such a location.
Wits + Occult could be used to deduce that the Bifrost Room (see additional locations in Carlsbad) is warded vs Titanspawn by Hiemdall. If things go poorly it'd make a fine redoubt or break room.

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