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Fun things to do in Illium before the war:

The following is from my GM's notes for my Short-Bus Spanners campaign...

Fun things to do in Illium before the war:

Chariots. Chariots are everywhere, the main means of transit for the wealthy. It’s THE WAY to get around. But will the PCs be thrilled about it considering the wreck they saw at the Circus Maximus a few days of Age ago?
Horseshoes here have rings, straps and garters tying the bright shoes onto the horses legs. No Nails.

Explore the city. Illium sits upon large hills. These hills look down upon the Trojan plain and out the sea many km away. The city is a fortress, a series of twisting walls and stockades. It’s a spiraling maze that would render frontal assault a nightmare. The roads are broad, and much traffic is by chariot.

Party! These bronze age celts sure know how. Good wine, and lots of it. Celebration with musicians and dancing. Instruments include lyre, trumpet, tamborine and a type of guitar. Food is more basic than in Rome, but also much less scary.

UFO Sighting: Aaron, with his Master-level Observation (Artistic Details) will be staring out at the beautiful skyline (perhaps sunset) and after a few minutes realize there’s a detail that he’d orginally missed. It’s a big silver object in the air, a UFO. It’s really hard to notice it, even if it’s pointed out to you it takes a Apprentice-level Observation roll to successfully see it. It’s big, and should be obvious, but the eye just tries to move right past it without noticing.
Once spotted, it’s Wheels within wheels, angels of fire on the corner edifaces - everyone who does spot it sees it a little differently. If they point it out to Kelly, he sees a big silver cigar, for example.
If mentioned to Paris, he says it’s the machines of the gods, come from the end of time to watch our the stoic bravery which we exemplify for future generations.
If mentioned to Izzy, whose already seen it, she admits she knows what’s going on. It’s the Inheritors, they’ve been following and watching over us since Versielles.

Meme Theory. The celts understand that thoughts have a life of there own. The bards, and Homer in particular, are well skilled in Memic Imprinting. That’s why Antedessertium uses him. If you have the Teaching skill, you get one Clock just for interacting with Paris.

Mystery Ceremony. Invited to a late-night Drus ceremony in the woods on the banks of the Caymandyr.
Everyone at this ceremony knows about the coming war, and each has some knowledge of magic, which may include spanning.
Each person brings a personal offering to cast into the river.
Once in the cover of the woods, they dance naked around a fire.
The High Priestesses (Breesis) chooses one man. They board a gilt chariot. A young boy drives it round the circle, while Breesis and the chosen have ritualistic sex in the back. Then the chosen is sacrificed (via knife) and the chariot pushed onto the fire.
If Amy’s not present: They also sacrifice the horses from the Chariot.

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