Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Gods and Scions as Egregores or Memes

Jake introduced me to the word egregore today. Like syncretic, it's a concept I've been aware of for a while, but for which I've never known the proper name. The Egregore concept, in occult circles, is roughly (very roughly) that ideas have an identity of their own. Sort of like memes meet personification. If enough brain power is spent thinking about something, the something will begin to think. Or more accurately, a spirit or consciousness will form based upon and embodying that concept. We imagine them into being. I love the gaming applications of this.

Imagine a Scion campaign where the Gods are but Egregores or the personification of Memes. It jives perfectly with the games existing concepts of Legend and Fatebinding. I imagine it'd lead to a far lighter and less serious campaign style, almost parody. In addition to Zeus, Thor, Isis, et all, the campaign would also include Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny, Darth Vader, Bloody Mary, Gandalf, Hannibal Lecter, Samuel Colt, The Beatles, Uncle Sam, Coca Cola, etc. Anything that people believe in, or just spend a lot of time thinking about.

Could these newer entities give birth to Scions? If so, I feel very sorry for the Scion of The Macarena.

On what is the Legend-rating of a Egregore dependent?
If it's how many people are currently aware of them, then that'd make the new Egregores and Memes every bit as powerful as the ancient Gods.
If it's how many generations have spoke of them, then chronological age would directly limit power. This logic would cap the PC's Legend, so I imagine it's not a perfect fit.
If it's how many people have honestly worshiped them, then Gandalf and Coke are kept to low power. Santa, on the other hand, may be able to siphon power from all those little kid's letters.


What Silence said...

I'm really surprised you talk about this without mentioning Nobilis.

r_b_bergstrom said...

I'm playing Scion right now.

For Scion, it's a change from the dominant paradigm. For Nobilis, it's pretty much expected.

I've never actually gotten a Nobilis campaign to go further than character creation.

I'm confused for Rebbecca often enough as it is. That will only happen more often if this site's placement in searches for Nobilis improves. So many uses of the name of that wonderful game in this comment was probably a bad idea for just that reason.