Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Defying your own Setting

The Scion RPG has a Knack called Regeneration. Basically, this means that for one sessions worth of XP, nearly any supernatural being can buy a power that fully restores a missing body part. They can activate this power for 1 temporary Legend point. A starting character can have 16 legend points, and easily restore 3 to 12 of them in a typical session. A God has at least 81 legend points, base.

Tyr's Hand
Odin's Eye
Hephaestus's Legs
Horus's Eye
Osiris's Schlong

Does anyone else see a conflict here?

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r_b_bergstrom said...

I think it was poorly considered to include easily attained regeneration powers in a game where the pre-established iconic characters include so many with missing body parts.

I hope the write-up for Fenris in God says his bite does Agg damage AND "limbs destroyed by this attack cannot be healed by any means".

Otherwise some upstart PC Demigod, who barely escapes from Fenris alive, will limp over to Tyr, drop a couple legend, heal instantly and laugh at his poor deformed uncle.

I cynically feel loopholes like this are bound to be exploited and mocked by someone. And since I am a big narrativist, this will really piss me off when they try to do so in an otherwise dramatic scene.