Thursday, December 6, 2007

More notes from the Ariesian age

This short page was notes made during the Continuum game. Not prep notes, but scribbles of what happened, made during the session as it unfolded...
  • Baths - All goes well except Emily’s pink panties may have been spotted when she was changing.
In character, Emily was quite precise that she would not wear the itchy or inferior undergarments of earlier eras. This was a potential anachronistic problem at the public baths. The campaign was on a fast-track, and I chose not to make use of this thread.
  • Banquet in their honor at Tiberius’s home. Rob & Jeremy eat Liquamen - bad breath.
For Amy's sake, I had to talk my way around the fried cows udders, whichWikipedia fails to mention. But at least it does define Liquamen. Wish my reference books had mentioned porcus Troianus, so I could have talked around it too. :)
  • Attending the theatre
Amazing that this is all I wrote about that lengthy scene. The PCs started a riot at a play about the Trojan War. Calvin used a cricket bat to attack a performer on a Deus Ex Machina winch. Don't ask about the cricket bat - it was apparently under his toga. Soldiers were eventually called in to keep the peace.
  • On walk home, a roofing tile falls - is it just faulty construction? Emily pushes Aaron out of the way, Izzy intervenes to stop them speaking English. And then to cover it up, they walk into an alleyway like prostitutes to his John. 3 of them span to the villa
This was merely an improv, based on a thing I'd read that morning about how lack of building codes in ancient Rome had lead to many deaths from poorly-secured clay shingles. Since the enemy can time-travel and teleport, the PCs interpreted this as an ambush. Much hilarity ensued.
  • Kelly tries to “get lost” in city. Gets temporary frag (Izzy feeds him liquamen, then undoes it). This reigns him in.
  • Harpastum - emily wins
That last note was accompanied by an odd little matrix that reads:
kelly 0 0 0 0 1 0 1
kail 0 1 1 0 5 1 0
emily 2 1 0 1 3 1 2
Emily wins
Funny that Kelly, the ex-marine with a decent Body score, rolled so poorly. I note that this also implies I had them roll 7 times instead of 4. What Silence, you Continuumed, but apparently didn't Harpastum - were you there that session? Were you sitting around with nothing to do? Did I waste too much time on this silly Roman sport?


What Silence said...

Yes, I was there that session.

Rob and I didn't play the (physical) game, and played Chess instead, and made jokes about fish-breath (since he and I had eaten something nasty earlier).

No, you didn't waste too much time on it. Players--well, I, anyway--need to be pushed back in the scene now and then.

What Silence said...

(Recall that my Body score was like, 2.)