Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Ivar and the Titan-Spawn Mafia, part 2

Continuing from where part 1 left off

Ivar's had a bad couple of weeks. As a result, he's been brooding and planning the PCs downfall.

He showed up as reinforcements at the end of their fight at the Hiram M. Chittendam Government Locks and Fish Ladder. The PCs escaped, and even managed to provoke a situation where Ivar went all medieval on the Merrow / Deep Ones failed to catch them.

It was getting to be too much for Ivar. He knew where one of the PCs lives (Omar Amin), but figured he couldn't take him alone.

Later a PC (Ashilda Helsdottir) got caught in a conversation with Hel, Loki, and Caponeson. This lead to a more solid truce with Caponeson.

I started the latest session with a cut scene. Asked each player to name a mythological creature they'd like to see show up in the game. In the scene, Ivar and those creatures were sitting around the back room at the seafood house, downing giant-sized shots, playing poker and BS-ing. Ivar starts bragging about how he's about to ruin the day of those Scion so-and-so's, when a Titanspawn says "But Caponeson made a truce with them. In fact, Helsdottir is gonna pilot one of the undead longboats at Ragnarok." Ivar coughs up ice-cubes.

Cut to Omar, stuck in a traffic jam a few blocks away from home. Suddenly a Centaurcycle being ridden by a Giant whizzes by on the sidewalk at 200 mph. Omar calls home to Cleopatra. "Honey, get out of the building. Take the fire escape, and make sure know one sees you. I'll-" BOOM! The building collapses.

Ivar was just a little too late to stop the bomb that interrupts the truce. He escapes in the debris cloud. Cleopatra jumps out the window and grabs the nearby crane, spending a Legendary Deed to do so. (Thereby finally telling the PCs that even if she isn't the real Cleopatra, she's at least special and probably supernatural.)

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