Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Von Kaufman Patronage Card

Here's a card I made for my WFRP 3rd Ed campaign.  It's a Family sheet (similar to those in the Edge of Night adventure) for use with the Von Kaufmans from The Enemy Within campaign.

You can use the progress tracker on the bottom to chart the PCs relationship to Graf Friedrich von Kaufman, and it incorporates how much effort it takes to get invited to the Party. The benefits of patronage are also on the card, modeled off the patronage bonuses of similar cards for the von Holzenauer, von Saponatheim, and Aschaffenberg families in Edge of Night. For more information on how they work, see page 27 of that adventure.

Note that the card presented here is a tiny bit stronger than the averages in Edge of Night. I adjusted the monetary stipend upwards (from 20 to 30 silver per month) to match the rates the Graf throws cash at the PCs in Book One of the campaign. Also, there's 2 skills instead of just 1 getting the specialization bonus, but the specific specializations are less useful than, for example, the Fencing specialization granted by the Von Holzenhauers.

I may get around to making similar cards for the other factions and families in The Enemy Within, but von Kaufman seemed like the right place to start given the Templemann Exhibit party and the various employment opportunities via the Red Arrow offices. The easy parallel to the Edge of Night cards (which already had an invitation to a Ball and the Patronage model) made it a piece of cake.

The Reputation slot will be filled (at my table) with the "Well-Traveled" Reputation. It seemed like a good fit for Graf von Kaufman given his Coaching business and funding of explorers. Alternately, "More Money Than Sense" would also be a good choice.

I created these using the Hurlanc and Liber Fanatica 7 extensions for Strange Eons, plus a bit of Photoshop.

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