Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Healing Errata in Warhammer 3rd

As stated a few weeks ago, I really hate the healing rules in Warhammer 3rd. They leave open weird windows for spam-healing, where nothing really stops you from rolling first aid every 10 minutes till the injured is completely healed. I tried to fix that with some house-rules in my campaign, and ran afoul of some unforseen ripple effects. So I kept harping on about it over at the WFRP/FFG forums, trying to figure out how to fix the problems I was finding.

Turns out, there's already been official errata to fix it. It's not in the online official FAQ and Errata document. Apparently it's in the Player's Guide.  

I never bought the Player's Guide. There's a number of reasons for that decision, one of which was that it was a reprint and compilation of a number of products I already had so "why waste the money?"  Apparently the answer to that question is "You should 'waste' the money, because along with all the stuff you don't want or need in that reprint book is a handful of critical game-changing rules errata that will never be mentioned in the online FAQ."  :(   Kinda dumb.

Here's the relevant bits from page 89 of the Player's Guide:

To discourage this behavior and highlight the dangers of combat
in your game, players should be mindful of the following general
guideline for healing: each character may benefit from each specific
source of healing once per day. Healing has its limits.
For example, a character who is healed by a Shallyan priest’s
Soothing Touch blessing cannot benefit from a second Soothing
Touch blessing until the following day—though a different blessing
such as Cure Wounds could still be applied. Likewise, only one
application of the Splints & Bandages action, one successful First
Aid check, one healing draught, and one good night’s rest can be
applied toward an individual character’s recovery each day.

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