Monday, February 2, 2009

TROOPS: Stormtrooper Sobriety Checkpoint

This Thursday, I'm GMing at Wayward. I'll be running a scenario inspired by TROOPS. If you're not familiar with TROOPS, click on the embedded video.

The PCs will be Stormtroopers, Imperial Navy Officers, and/or Bounty Hunters (plus maybe a Camera Droid?) working a Drunk Driving Checkpoint on a backwater world. I'm going to be using the classic d6 System, with a few minor modifications. I'm considering making PC be required to have a quirk, chosen by the player. That way the Fargo-accented Stormtrooper can be complimented by the nerdy autograph-seeking trooper, the aqualish-phobic trooper, the pregnant Imperial Officer, the overzealous protocol droid who thinks he's a Stormtrooper, the recently redeployed Snowtrooper who hasn't been issued enviromentally-appropriate replacement armor yet, etc.

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