Monday, February 2, 2009

Knights of the Realm, Over The Edge, Traveller

I didn't get to play in Sophie's game last week, which is a shame since she's a very fun GM, and doesn't live in Seattle anymore. There were just too many players, and some of us had to splinter off and play something else.

Sophie's scenario sounded awesome. The PCs were real world aging stars who've been Knighted. Ben Kingsley, Tom Jones, Ian McKellan, Paul McCartney, Mick Jagger, Judi Dench, etc. Some big calamity occurs, and the Queen calls on them. It seems when you're knighted, there's a clause that you must actually take up arms to defend your country should any supernatural evil come about. Picture those aging entertainers battling dragons. No doubt, much hilarity ensued.

But, alas, I was across the room at a different table, playing a semi-improvised sci-fi game where one rules-light-system was welded to a somewhat less interesting setting. I learned three things:
  1. I think I could grow to like the mechanics (and setting) of Over The Edge
  2. I'm really not impressed with the setting of Traveller.
  3. Don't bring a shotgun to a laser-cannon-mounted-on-combat-droids fight.
Despite livening things up by playing a rather disturbing xenophile marine sniper turned combat medic (and having to draw him and his alien pinup calendar thanks to Over The Edge's character creation rules), the setting and scenario just didn't do much for me. The pace was slow, and no knowing the races or tech meant it just wasn't noob-friendly. I couldn't really grok it.

In retrospect, I would have been happier just playing Over The Edge complete with Al Amarja, (or finagling my way into Sophie's game).

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