Thursday, October 23, 2008


I just got back from Wayward, where I ran Og for the Emerald City Game Feast group. So. Much. Fun. Everybody was in stitches, we laughed really hard and got all crazy. I'm now going to be running it again on November 15th at the yearly free Con the group puts on. Go Bang Big Smelly Thing!

Mark and John knew Land of the Lost nearly as well as I do. I GM'd, I have an excuse. I had to do research. They're just geeks. :)

No one (but me) was expecting Sarah Palin's Vice Presidential Inaction Rangers to show up. Instead of Al Gore, Gary Gygax, Nichele Nichols, Stephen Hawking and Deep Blue (per Futurama's VP Action Rangers), we had Palin, Joe the Plumber, Charles Keating, Elian Gonzales and Jenny McCarthy. They got sucked into the Land of the Lost via Pylon, landing in the midst of a fight between the PCs and Alice (the Allosaurus) when Grunting Caveman grunted. When all was said and done, only Palin survived, running off into the woods with her Moose Rifle to live a life not unlike Danielle (the crazy french woman) from Lost.

This was the most miniatures-intensive game I'd played in a long while, but that's too be expected of Og. With limited PC vocabularies they need something to gesture at, and it's a great excuse to buy plastic dinosaurs. The PCs were all D&D minis - quaggoths, primitive orcs, ghouls, mongrelmen, and anything else that liked like a caveman or Pakuni. The Sleestacks were D&D lizardmen, troglodytes, sahaugin, and kuotoa. I had an infernal T-Rex for Alice, and then picked up a couple of Papo and Safari Limited figurines to be the other dinosaurs (Spike, Junior) and a Dodo to be a random Terror Bird. It paid off, the game ran smooth, fast, and funny.

It was Ogsome.

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