Friday, March 28, 2008

Too Many Projects

Despite my "infinite" time resource of being intentionally jobless, I have more projects and hobbies than I can support.

I love RPGs and GMing. I'd love to be running more than one campaign right now. Unfortunately, the one game I'm running is Scion. Beautiful setting, but really tempermental rules. I spend too much time developing and balancing things for it to find the time for a second campaign. Okay, I probably could, provided it was a really light system and the campaign involved a lot of improvisation.
  • I've worked out the framework of a Orky conversion for Dark Heresy, for example, but it's too rules-heavy to risk trying to run it simultaneous to Scion.
  • Ditto for Cyberpunk - I can improvise sessions of MOC, but really honing the craft of CP2020 takes a lot of work.
  • The Esoterrorists is rules-light enough, but serious mystery plotlines take a good deal of forethought to work.
One bit of hope is Firefly. Amy and Kevin have recently conceded the fact that the show (and it's universe) is amazing. Now, the Serenity RPG is just a touch too heavy to run side-by-Scion, but there's some possibility to run the Dogs In The Vinyard version we'd discussed so long ago.

Even so, there's many other things on my list.

Tons of old stuff from my various campaigns and harddrives that I aught to stick up on this blog.

I've had some luck with CameraMan, and digitizing my old videos. I also have a script for serious film that doesn't have anything to do with any of that. I want to film more, do more, etc.

I just learned a hot debugging tool for Weird Worlds mods - it could be worth my time to take another crack at Weirdyssey or at least an update of my previous mods.

I miss Magic: The Gathering. I really miss it. I moved to the city where it's made, and promptly stopped playing or judging. How stupid is that? At the time, I needed the break from it, but now the cardboard crack is calling to me. Two awesome sets have released since I last played, and a third even cooler set is but a few weeks away. If I got a job, I could go buy a bunch of cards, but a job would cut down on time for the other projects, and I'd also have to go find a gamestore or tournament center I liked enough to bus to on a regular basis when I could be spending that time playing other games (or doing other things) with my wife.

There's several books on my reading list, too.

Blog posts to write.

Political activism I should be spending my time and energies on.

And I really mean to take a drive down to Portland just as soon as the car is in proper working order again.

EDIT: Painting! I can't believe I made that list and didn't mention painting. I have planned out my next several canvases, but haven't freed up the time to do anything about them!

I have every hour I could possibly expect, and they are not enough. How did this happen? How did I operate back when work (and LARP) filled my hours and days? I used to be so good at budgeting time - yet ironically having more of it seems to have made me forget how to schedule and prioritize it.

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