Monday, March 17, 2008

Porting Gumshoe

You could easily use "the GUMSHOE system" from The Esoterrorists in any mystery / suspense / horror setting.

In particular it'd be great for Call of Cthulhu - and, I'm happy to report, Pelgrane has aquired the rights to CoC and plans on a GUMSHOE-based Cthulhu in the near future, written by (be-still my conspiratorial Fortean heart) Kenneth Hite.

On a more modest scale, I think it'd be pretty easy to take the GUMSHOE investigation rules into nearly any other RPG without having to touch the other skills and mechanics. Keep the combat system you love, but GUMSHOE the detective work.

Despite all my blathering (last week) about how cool Dark Heresy is, the fact remains the Inquisition-style of DH could be done better with GUMSHOE mechanics. I may just end up running a really oddball homebrewed version of Dark Heresy using the modular career system from WHFRP and the investigation system from The Esoterrorists.

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