Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Expanding the Universe

I'd like to generate some fan-created-materials for use with Dark Heresy. The question is, "What angle to take?" Here's a brief brainstorm of things I could do:
  • Wargear. I could break out the old 2nd Ed 40k wargear cards and the even older Rogue Trader books, and stat out items to expand the possibilities for tech, gear, and armaments.
    Pros: Easy, and compartmentalized. I could do as many or as few as I like.
    : Wholly derivative, minimal creativity involved. Also largely unneeded 'till many many sessions into the campaign.

  • Classes. I've got many pages of roles/occupations/classes written up from my own aborted attempts at converting WHFRP into the 40k setting. I could either update them to the linear class system of Dark Heresy, or just update them to the skills and talents of DH and reverse-engineer the existing linear classes into WHFRP-style class chains.
    Pros: Fairly easy, as I could dust those off and update them to the gun stats and rules systems of Dark Heresy.
    The version of this that appeals to me the most (WHFRP-style) is going to be the least useful to strangers that blunder across this site - they'll want minor new content, not wholescale revisions to core mechanics.

  • Xenos. Not just antagonists, but PCs as well. A home-brewed Eldar or Ork sourcebook would be cool.
    Pros: It's not likely to be contradicted by anything coming out from Black Library before the freeze. "GorkaMorka: the Role Playing Game" would be ded gud, guv'nor.
    Cons: It's a lot more work than the other options.

Rockin' Ork Art by Flying Debris Guy.

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