Friday, March 28, 2008

New Skills and Talents for Orky Heresy

Orky Heresy uses the following new skill: Squig Use. Until I get a chance to write it up properly, assume it's much the same as Chemical Use or Tech Use, except more Orkishly flavorful. Squigs come in all shapes, sizes, physiologies and potencies.

Useful skill specialties unique to an Orky setting include:
  • Common Lore: Bad Moonz
  • Common Lore: Blood Axez
  • Common Lore: Deathskullz
  • Common Lore: Evil Sunz
  • Common Lore: Goffs
  • Common Lore: Snakebitez
  • Common Lore: Runts
  • Common Lore: Squigs
  • Forbidden Lore: Weirdboyz
  • Forbidden Lore: Painboyz
  • Forbidden Lore: 'Umans
  • Trade: Painboyz
  • Trade: Runtherdz
  • Trade: Mekaniak
And the following new Talents are (or may be) referenced in the career posts. Some were inspired by mechanics in the WH40K or GorkaMorka miniatures games.

Waaagh: Ability to use Orky psyker powers. Don’t have the details yet. For now, you could just use the Psychic Talents and rules from Dark Heresy, but that's not a perfect match to the colorful powers of Weirdboyz. It's on my to-do list...

BuggyMates: You have a time-share with some Evil Sunz NPCs concerning a poor-quality Trukk or Buggy. Roll a d10 at the start of each session. On a 1-4 it’s available for the whole session, on a 5-8 it’s being used by another NPC and to use it you must track them down and convince them your idea is better than whatever they’re doing. On a 9-10 it’s broken down at the Mek’s Slop this session.

‘Eadlong Leap: +10% to Agility rolls made to jump onto or off of a moving vehicle without killing yourself. You may charge off a moving vehicle, if you hit in the turn in which you do so, you may add +1 damage to any one successful melee hit you make.

Chicken Playa: +10% bonus on resisting fear checks caused by vehicles. +10% bonus on Agility checks to get out of the way of a vehicle that’s trying to run you over or an out-of-control vehicle.

Good Right Arm: As long as you aren’t attacking with more than one weapon, the Penetration value of your melee attacks increases by 1.

Thick Skull: Do to thick calcium deposits or even bitz of metal bolted to your skull, you have +1 armor point on your head. In addition, subtract 1 from all critical hits to the head.

Get Away Driver: You may accelerate a vehicle you are driving by two bands per turn, even if you are doing something else. Accelerate is always a half-action for you.

'Orse Yeller: You get +10% bonus on Wrangling tests to make an Untrained Steed remain in combat. You may use the Trample manuever even when mounted on an untrained steed. However, if you are ever knocked from the saddle or dismount in anger without tying up your steed, the GM is perfectly justified in having them flee.

Skidder: You may subtract 10 from all rolls on the Out-Of-Control or Structural Damage chart (of Apocrypha: Vehicles) of a vehicle you are driving. The same goes for rolls made when the driver of a vehicle is incapacitated, as long as you are within arms reach and have a hand free.

‘Ow Much!?: When you win a Barter Roll, you may roll an additional Teef die (and thus disregard an additional teef die) to make the final cost more to your liking. This is in addition to the extra die anyone gets for winning the roll, and extra dice from Degrees of Success.

Profeshunal: When buying something, you may subtract 1 from any Toof dice that rolled it’s highest value. When selling something, you may add +1 to any Toof die that rolled a “1”. You do so after the decision of which dice to keep has been made, and you may do so even if the other party won the barter roll. You may invoke the “10d10=50” rule even if the other party has already invoked the “10d10=55” rule.

Teef Knocker: Like stunning blow, except instead of stunning, it knocks out 1d6 teef from an ork-sized foe.

Tinkerer: You’re constantly putting together odd bitz into even odder fings. At the start of every session, the GM gives you an item of their choice. It can’t be something they’ve given you before, but any type of tech item, gear, or weapon is fair game. However, you don’t know what it is till you’ve made a Tech Use roll for it, and can’t sell it for more than 1d6 Teef till you figure it out.

Wrecka: You’re really good at wripping apart a vehicle from inside. When anyone rolls on the Structural Damage chart for a vehicle you’re touching, you may choose to add +20 to the roll.

Dat’s My Boy: You may designate one Gretchin Assistant to be your “Best Boy”. The best boy gets +10% on all stats above the rest of your Grotz, plus an extra Wound.

These next two have little to do with Orks, but I'm putting them here to remind me of something I plan to do at some point...

Landing Specialist: +10% on rolls to Land or Dock safely
Defensive Flying: Attackers have -10% to hit your ship

If there's another Talent referenced in post here that isn't in the DH rulebook or on the list above, look for it in the WHFRP rulebook.

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