Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Long Live The Emperor

I got the 40k RPG a few days before my birthday. I am chomping at the bit to play this game. While I have a few gripes, overall it's a hugely awesome book, well worth hunting down. (It's already out-of-print, so act quickly if you're interested).

Good Stuff:
  • Lots of flavor and setting. I mean tons. They captured the "dark ages in space" feel of the Imperium really well.
  • Well written. Lots of little quotes and sidebars. Very entertaining to skim over because of all the dark humor.
  • Psi powers were handled really well - psykers are dangerous, but not just to the enemy.
  • Combat seems quick-paced and mayhem-packed.
  • Investigation section / mini-game is fairly cool. This will be a big boost to inquisition-games (which is the default spin on the setting).
  • Lots of guns and equipment, stated out in a reasonable way. My favorite tidbit is the preservation of the crazy "hallucinogen grenade" chart of 40k as an optional rule. Second favorite is the far-more-subtle "Sacred Machine Oil". The system for determining what's available in a given city/world/fleet is a very helpful set of tools.
  • The character classes are well balanced, which I wasn't really expecting.
  • A 3-page table of contents and a truly functional index. I can't express how rare a thing these are in gaming books.

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