Thursday, March 27, 2008

Revised Knack (Edited)

I reworked See The Inner Self, a knack I'd made two and a half months ago.

The mechanical changes are very minimal. Basically, I changed it to Manipulation (from Wits) as it's not about thinking fast, it's about understanding human nature. It's a tough knack to use in-game, requiring either quick thinking or lots of prep work from the GM, so I gave it a prerequisite (that being the knack Stench of Guilt, which is also about understanding people's secret selves).

EDIT/ADDENDUM: I was compiling (and summarizing) all the knacks I'd consider allowing in my campaign into one big list for my players (Aside: it was a bit of a chore, since it meant scouring 3 books and 3 websites). That's what lead to my reconsidering that knack and posting changes. And about 2 hours later, on the last page of scouring, I (re)discovered that Scion: God has a knack called Psychic Profiler that does nearly the exact same thing. Psychic Profiler is a Wits Knack, with no PreRequisite. It also requires a few sentences interaction, not ten minutes, and doesn't take a die roll to activate.

So the question is twofold:
  • Does the concept belong in Manipulation (cause it's about social interaction and understanding human nature) or Wits (because it's about analyzing so quickly you accomplish in seconds what could take a mortal hours or months)?
  • Am I grossly overestimating the power of the knack, or is white-wolf completely missing how potent (and potentially annoying to the "by the seat of my pants" GM) the Psychic Profiler and Instant Assessment knacks are?

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