Thursday, March 20, 2014

Dwarven Hospitality

Here's a Warhammer 3rd "monster group sheet" I made for an encounter with a bunch of dwarven ruffians. It works just like the monster group sheets from the Creature Vault. It's intended to model a bar fight, protest rally, mob enforcers, or just any time the PCs stick there nose in where the dwarves don't think it belongs. I just felt the game was lacking in group sheets that might be of use in situations other than epic battles to the death.
The built-in progress trackers here are shorter (or move much faster) than those found on the comparable cards from the Creature Vault, because I find those official trackers never get anywhere near their end before the fight is over. It should be possible for either tracker to reach its end in just 2 or 3 rounds of conflict.

Here's some flavor text to help the GM figure out ways to work this into the game:

And here's the actual Dwarven Ruffian creature card:
It's basically just the standard Ruffian card from the Creature Vault, plus the NPC racial modifiers from the Creature Guide and a couple of minor tweaks (such as changing the Stance to Conservative).

The artwork of the wickedly-scarred dwarf was taken from and used without permission. It's an awesome picture, and I couldn't resist.
The card frames were cobbled together from various Warhammer fan sites and Strange Eons plug-ins.

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