Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Swashbucklers of Dredmor

Yesterday saw the release of my latest Dredmor mod project, a collaboration with fellow modder Ruigi. Our Swashbucklers mod adds dozens of new items to the game, focused primarily around a Pirate theme and the Rogue skill archetype. There are also new rooms to spice up the dungeon layout, such as hidden treasure rooms with undead pirates, and a place known as cannibal island. It's been several months in the making, and I think you'll really like it.

You can download the files, and/or read the detailed synopsis at the Gaslamp forums.


kedamono@mac.com said...

Great to see that you are getting your work out there Rolfe. Sadly, I don't play many video games.

rbbergstrom said...

I'm intending to get back to RPGs as the main focus of this site, and posting more often. These last couple mods have been very labor-intensive and not left much time for writing.