Friday, November 14, 2008

Feast and Fest

Nearly every week, I go to the Wayward Coffeehouse on Thursday Nights and play in the Emerald City Game Feast. It's a group that plays one-shots and short-shots, trying out lots of different systems. In the past 4 months we've done Risus, Wushu, InSpectres, Og, several varieties of Savage Worlds, some weird homebrewed Cthulhu/DeltaGreen variant called the B3 System, and recently made characters to use for Godlike next week. The experience varies a great deal from week to week, but I'm really glad to have joined the group.

This weekend is the Emerald City Game Fest. Note the lack of an "a". It's a once-yearly free gaming convention, affiliated with the Feast group. It's pretty laid back compared to most Cons, so despite it being tomorrow, I don't know what I'll be playing in. There's card, board, miniatures, and role-playing events on the schedule. I'll probably be playing RPGs, since I wrapped up my scion game, I'm now RPG-deprived. (A single one-shot every week isn't enough! I need to GM again soon. Need my fix, man. In fact, I'm going to haul with my Og stuff, just in case I have trouble fitting in the existing games and need to GM. It's unlikely that'll be neccesary, though, as the site shows me there's around 40 events on the schedule. Still a good scout is always prepared - or something.)

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