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What Happened in Versailles

This was originally two pages in my Continuum campaign notes. They've been trimmed down to reduce redundancy...

What Happened in Versailles

Met Jeane D’Arc. Met 5 or 6 other members of La Tour Jetee. Invited to masquerade ball tonight, a hunt in the morning and a play in the afternoon.

Izzy revealed the past of her & Dale. Their child was aborted so that it wouldn’t unravel causality.

Carousing - Kelly, Pam, Kail, Sean, Absinthe. Minor altercation with Count St. Germaine. Saved by 2 Grace rolls, all is well. Left without a fight, or even really being marked by the Count.

Chess - Lee plays 2 killer games of Chess vs a Master from La Tour Jetee. Human Chess, like at the Renn Fair. Game one was a long stalemate with few pieces left. Game two the local won.
Viewed Art at Verseilles. Aaron, Emily, Izzy. Dancing Lessons. Emily, Izzy.

At the Ball, multiple St. Germaines are there, each seeking a chance to speak to a PC. One asks Kail to speak on his behalf with Joan & the Continuum. He tells him he’s willing to be a double-agent, if Jeanne would just tell him what she sees his future self do. Kail is rude, and walks away.

St. Germaine tries to talk to Pam, but Lee intervenes. He tries to talk to Lee, but the local corner intervenes. 3 geminid St Germaines walk up behind Kelly, but Aaron intervenes. He can’t speak privately with a PC. I was about to give up and let the players off the hook...

On the dance floor, it all comes to a head. Kail starts insulting St. Germaine. Germaine challenges him to a duel at sunrise. Kelly swings a bottle at him and misses. Germaine jumps back in a fencing pose. He sets a duel with Kelly for 20 minutes past sunrise. That St. Germaine leaves. Kail tries to unmask another one, and fails, but it’s clear Izzy’s trying to stop him. That St Germaine tries to leave. Kail calls him out, and a third duel is set for 40 minutes past sunrise.
That St. Germaine leaves. Izzy and Jeanne are very upset and a little fragged.

Emily steps outside, quite upset. Another, younger, St Germaine shows up outside, also in a devil mask. “I believe the phrase is, Have you ever danced with the Devil in the pale moon light?” Kelly sees them dancing, and rushes for a tackle. “Chelsey Scores!” he cries out with success. Multiple drunken yells about Chelsea scoring. Too bad that’s an anachronism.
This St Germaine just doesn’t get it. He asks Madame D’Arc, why does this keep happening to me? She replies, “Misseur Sant Germaine, further information is not available...” He leaves.

By 9:30, every PC is rounded up back in the room they first spanned too. Izzy chews them out until 4:00 am. She’s mad at Kail and Kelly. They’ve violated the 4th Maxim. Kail says “maybe you should just send me back, make me forget and take my spanning away.” Izzy offers to take him up on it.

She indicates that we are 100 years down from where St. Germaine betrays the continuum. Kelly tackled what is most likely a Span 1, totally loyal, Comte St Germaine. What he becomes eventually makes Kelly look like a well-mannered child, seen but never heard. Germaine becomes the worst Narcissist we ever know - outside Antedessertium, Germaine is THE enemy. Your actions may well have provoked his eventual betrayal.

This VACATION is cancelled. No King’s hunt, no theatre. We jump straight to 750’s. Kail says “Vacations don’t have itinerary.” Izzy counters “note that the itinerary does not say how long we spend there, or what we do, just when we arrive. Safe Havens & Welcoming Comittees. This could be all the vacation you ever dreamed of. Who here ever thought they’d guests of Joan of Arc or Louis XIV? But you blew it!”

Start Next Session In Versailles - Playlist: 7th Sea Courtly
Use previous page to recap for anyone who left early or missed the session.

By 9:30, every PC is rounded up back in the room they first spanned too. Izzy chews them out until 4:00 am.

At various points during their dressing-down, she is accompanied and assisted by:
Jeanne D’Arc. “You were my guests, but instead you acted like saboteurs.” She serves them with papers. See the file “Proclamation of Diswelcome.” Lee can appeal in Atlantis, if need be.

The guide who took them Carousing says “I told you, if St Germaine appears, just attempt to subtly leave the location without drawing his attention. I did not say provoke a duel and attempt to unmask his Geminis amongst a crowd of levellers.”

The Musician says “Dammit, Kail, you do this after I tried so hard to keep him from fucking with you at the Bar. I went out on a limb there, I could have been fragged or killed for that. Comte de Saint Fucking Germaine, of all people! You ungrateful bastard. That’s it, I’m cancelling the tour and the album contract. You’re out of the band, SuperCress.”

At 4:00, Izzy storms out of the room via the door. Her elder self, dressed differently and looking more refreshed, spans into the room seconds later. “Grab your things NOW. We’re leaving for 751 AD in 10 seconds. Proper attire will be waiting for us on the downside.”

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