Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Side trips #3 - Lee

And again...
Rob - Izzy takes Lee to Texas in 1721, during the brief Spanish occupation. There are two active versions of Izzy in the era - the one who’s being your tour guide, and presumably junior version going by the name Senorita Isabela Vasquez, who moves in prominent social circles. You spend a one month vacation there, getting to see a unique era, with complex transitions in the local legal system. It’s quite fascinating.

Attribute Upgrade:
Quick: mark off 4 small clocks

Skill Upgrade:
Job: Law: mark off 1 clock

New Skills:
Ettiquette: Spanish Colonial: write it down at Novice, based on Mind
Language: Spanish: Write it down at Novice, based on Mind
Locality Knowledge: Spanish-Occupied Texas: write it down at Novice, based on Mind

Write this in your span log:
When: Where: Departure: Duration: Rested: Direction: Span:
9/3/1721 Spanish Texas 10/01/1721 28 days Yes Down n/a

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