Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Side trips #6 - Calvin

This is also a handout from the Continuum campaign.
Eddie - Izzy takes Calvin on a whirlwind tour of Europe throughout the Middle Ages, Rennaissance and Reformation periods.It’s a smorgasbord of cultures, cities and eras. You frequently wake up in different places then where you fell asleep. Fun & enlightening, but boy did it tire you out... maybe a nap would help.
Attribute Upgrade:
Quick: mark off 8 small clocks

Skill Upgrade:
Anthropology: mark off 3 clocks
Bar & Windshield Surveying: mark off 3 clocks
Language: German: mark off 1 clock
Linguistics: mark off 2 clocks
History: mark off 3 clocks

New Skills:
Art: Courtly Dancing: write it down at Novice, based on Quick. Izzy insists you MUST go dancing with her.

Write this in your span log:
When: Where: Departure: Duration: Rested: Direction: Span:
1300-1700s European Vacation T.B.D. 90 days? Yes Down n/a

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