Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Proclamation of Diswelcome

I had a situation. My PCs were being shuttled through an area by their mentor, on their way to a major plot point. En route, a couple of them had chosen to pick a fight with two very powerful NPCs. Proper in-character response would have killed the entire PC group instantly. Faster than instantly. While they certainly deserved that, it would have ruined my planned storyline, and abruptly ended the campaign. So, I chose to get creative instead....
Proclamation of Diswelcome

Petitioner: Jeanne D’Arc, Mentor to the Corner known as La Tour Jetee, residing in the area of Societal Spacetime recognized as France, during the years of Our Lord numbered 1555 to 1720.

Respondants: The Span 1 members of the corner known as Lab 336, originally located in the State of California, the Society of the United States of America, on the cusp of the Piscean and Aquarian.
Specifically, this proclamation extends to the individuals known to the Petitioner as:
Aaron Northbridge
Calvin Eckhardt III
Elizabeth (last name is included on the document, the PCs last name is unknown to the GM, but surely known to the Continuum)
Emily Moore
Lee Roberts Benjamin
Pamela Turner
Most Especially*: Kail “Supercress” McCrest
Most Especially*: Kelly Hanlan

Position: The Petitioner and her Corner maintain they have been slighted and affronted by the Respondants. They express that the Respondants are Poor Guests, having come to La Tour Jetee as friends, and having returned said hospitality with flagrant public violations of the 1st, 3rd and 4th Maxims of the Continuum within the time and territory of La Tour Jetee.
Be it clear that under normal circumstances, the Petitioner and her corner would have struck back with lethal or paradoxical force, and, under common interpretation of the Declarations of the 5th Council, would be entirely within their rights to frag the offending party out of existence. Several of Petitioners students, colleagues and charges experienced first-stage fragmentation resulting from the public As/As Not. Be it known that the Petitioner is also a yetted General in the war between Atlantis and Antedessertium, so such secondary strikes would likely be entirely one-sided distributions of justice.

Mitigating Circumstance: There is every reason to believe that the Comte de St. Germaine, suspected narcissicist and known sympathizer to the cause of Antedessertium, was present in Geminid disclosure at the time and space of the offense. History records that St. Germaine does not engage in war with the Continuum or Atlantis during the Piscean era, but his presence at this incident may be sign of covert manipulation intended to cause civil disrest between the Petitioner and Respondants. For this reason, and because of a Yetted appeal at the 23 council, Mercy is granted to the respondants. At least one of them has to live to Atlantis.

Exile: The respondants are declared Diswelcome, and banned entirely from the Petitioners Corner of Note, with the exception of the documented time when said offense was and shall be committed. This ban extends throughout the entirety of La Tour Jetee, being the area recognized as France, during the years of Our Lord numbered 1555 to 1720. The sole exception being from 9/8/1643, 11:59 to 9/9/1643 04:15, the Date of Violation resulting in Proclamation. Additional complication will be frowned upon. Willful violation of this proclamation shall be deemed as dishospitable and contemptuous, a probable act of Corner War, and a violation of the 2nd and 3rd Maxims with likely Narcissicistic intent.

*Additional Proclamation: Further, it is requested that punitive sanctions be leveled against the two prime violators involved, namely the Respondants Kelly Hanlan and Kail “Supercress” McCrest. The Petitioner requests that these two be rendered Graceless within all of Societal Spacetime until such Age as they attain Span Two or experience Second Death.

Respondant’s Options: This proclamation was and will be filed before the 16th Atlantean Council. It is recognized the Respondant’s have and shall appeal before the 23rd Atlantean Council. Further Information may be available There, but it is not Here.

I handed that document to the PC's lawyer (Lee Roberts Benjamin, as portrayed by Rob Daley) and told him to put the Appeal in his Yet.

I should mention also that "Graceless" has a mechanical meaning that Continuum players (and characters) will be familiar with. Effectively, this made them 10% less likely to succeed at every single die roll they made for the rest of the campaign, instead of needing to tie the difficulty of task rolls, they now had to beat it.


What Silence said...

Good to have this online.

It was on a trip to California, where I meant John and he suggested to me that I write quotes down from each gaming session. I wish only that he had told me something like that before we had started this game. There would have been some good ones, I'd wager.

I vaguely remember Kelly saying--to Aaron--something along the lines of "remember that bit with the two women, the ram's horn, and those melon slices? ...I had no idea they could be that limber."

A most enjoyable romp through Time-space, that game.

r_b_bergstrom said...

I'd forgotten that line by Liam's PC. Disgraceful things constantly fall out of his mouth.

I remember the bunch of you (Jeremy, Liam and Eddie, I think it was) all slowly cocking your heads to the side in unison as if watching some particular bit of astounding sexual acrobatics at the base of the ziggurat in Sumeria. Cracked me up. I was impressed how quickly the three of you implemented that particular synchronized improvisation.

What a fun campaign that was.

I guess I'll have to post some more stuff from it.