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I really enjoy the Warhammer Fantasy setting. It's a rich setting, much darker than your typical RPG fantasy world, with a cruel sense of humor and potentially disfiguring critical hits. The main influences on the setting are probably the historical Holy Roman Empire, the Film Noir genre, and Monty Python And The Holy Grail. I love the 3rd Edition, because it features some very clever and unique mechanics, but I simultaneously kinda hate it because those same mechanics clearly weren't playtested enough before release.

I've spent a lot of time blogging about the game, and making new content for it. It's about time I make a giant index linking to all of it:

New Cards:

Player-ready cards:

NPC & GM-Only Cards:

Strange Eons is the program I used to make most of the above cards. This post talks about it, but weirdly all the image links are broken. Hmm....

Dice Analysis:

I spent a lot of time analyzing the dice of this game, and making cute little charts. The big surprise? Red dice suck more than you expect. Purple dice don't suck as much as you think they do. The numbers don't lie.

House Rules and Miscellaneous Thoughts:

Product Reviews and Analysis:

What's New In These Reprints?

In a nutshell: The Creature Guide is really worth buying for all GM's, the Player's Guide is over-priced but features critical bug fixes that make it grudgingly worth it to both GMs and players, but the GM's Guide is a terrible waste of money and should be avoided.

First & Last Impressions

The Enemy Within Campaign Logs:

I've run The (New) Enemy Within for well over a year now. Early on, I was making detailed posts about the plot developments. Eventually, I gave up on blogging it, mostly because it's hard to chronicle a mystery plot as GM without accidentally spoiling the mysteries.
GM's looking to run The Enemy Within will find many useful tools in the "NPC & GM-only Cards" section near the top of this page.

Warhammer Hybrids:

Here's where I steal individual mechanics out of Warhammer, to build entire other games from them.


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